Generalities About Lg Pc Suite

With LG PC Suite you can connect the LG mobile to the computer. It can synchronize the files you have on the phone with the PC or do the reverse with all kinds of files, photos, videos or you can use it to back up important data as calendar and phone contacts.

You can download this application to PC: Once installed, it only remains to connect the phone or tablet PC and LG to configure the application you want to synchronize or save a copy of each medium, whether photographs, videos, contacts, etc. all that is configurable to suit the consumer, it’s good to back everything if you lose your mobile or tablet, etc.


LG PC Suite supports various mobile phone models. It may work fine, but it works perfectly on specific models. You will notice that some models can perform more functions and some less but this detail changes in each phone.

Requirements for LG PC Suite

To make it work properly, it requires the following:

* Windows 2000/XP/Vista

* Pentium II or higher

* 64 MB of RAM

* 150 MB of free space on hard drive

* LG Compatible

* Connection: USB or Bluetooth

* Features of LG PC Suite

In short, with this program you can install games and applications, manage personal data, upload and download files and photos, as well as installing games, themes and applications emerge, creating backups of data and SMS, manage files on your phone to free up space if you need it Import mail and even use the phone as a webcam.

Cannot find the phone?

In this case, you need to connect your phone to your pc with usb cable. It is supposed to function like usb drive. Note that in case of a memory card, it must be set like mass storage.

In addition, if it is not detected with PC Suite then a possible solution is this: After installing the PC Suite, it should be directed to the phone menu and then access the settings. Then enter the Administration option and finally uncheck the option “Mass Storage”. This should be done every time you want to connect your phone to the computer, for example, to update their software.

With the LG PC Suite, you can sync your LG Optimus One, Black, 2x, 3D, and the other models in the LG, computers with Windows XP, Vista and 7. With it you can make backup of everything your phone has inside, videos, photos, documents, contacts, etc.